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Pack: 2/CS

Starbright Floor Cleaner & Deodorant - 2.5 Gal.


  • Make it glow! The more you mop the more it glows! White floors get whiter, blue floors turn bright blue, all floors become more brilliant and colorful.
2.5 Gal., 2/cs
  • Description

How does it work? Visual brighteners in "Starbright" actually absorb yellow light waves and reflect blue. Our chemists took the same ingredient that brightens clothes and developed Starbright for floors! Strong cleaners remove all dirt, grease, ice melt, or residues left behind from other products. All that's left are clean, shiny floors with no haze, and of course that fresh Starbright fragrance, formulated with essential oils, the ultimate natural deodorizer! Dispense with spigot or pump. Concentrate.